North York, a vibrant Toronto neighborhood, has been an integral part of the city for a few decades now. It’s not only known for its major shopping destinations like Yorkdale Shopping Centre and Fairview Mall but also offers excellent options for wedding rental North York to make your special day memorable.

North York, this part of Toronto, is also famous for its museums. One is the Ontario Science Centre, which is a well-known science museum that has existed since 1969.

The Aga Khan Museum, a more recent museum that broke ground in 2014, is a museum that provides the culture, art, and history of the Islamic civilization. One other function the museum has is the planning of weddings at the venue. Both museums offer weddings, which is a perfect place to have a wedding in North York.

Marquee Letters – Wedding Rental North York

What is a better way to celebrate a wedding than with marquee letters in North York? This party décor announces who is getting married and aids in recalling the event’s purpose. You can place this anywhere in the wedding and it can create a great atmosphere.

Now, the marquee letters from wedding rental North York can feature either the initials of the marrying couple or the first names of the bride and groom. It is up to the groom and the bride how they want the North York Rent marquee letters with lights to look like. Also, you can have Rent wedding marquee letters North York say other words like “Love” or “Marry Me” in the wedding if needed. Also, the North York Balloon Décor service could work perfectly as it adds a decorative element to the birthday marquee décor with wedding rental North York.


Flower Walls – Wedding Rental North York

Like marquee letters in North York, Rent flower walls North York are also perfect for a wedding décor in either museum in North York. You can state who you are marrying on the flower wall rental North York and share it with everyone. It is also great to take photos of the beautiful flower wall at North York.

In addition to the Flower wall backdrops North York, wedding rental also offers balloon décor options that can enhance the decorative elements of your wedding, making the White flower wall in North York even more attractive.

Want to make the event even better is to add other

party décor to the event. This includes candy cart rentals to the event. The candy cart rental can even have the names of the bride and the groom if necessary to make the whole event look better.


Also, why not add a unique party décor to the event. If you are doing a wedding in the Ontario Science Centre, why not have an animal-themed event, or with the Aga Khan Museum, have an Islamic-themed event?

Photo Booth – Wedding Rental North York offers many photo booth rentals North York. This includes unlimited four-six prints during the event + sharing to social media and digital copies of photos. The two options available for the photo booth for rent in North York are the open-concept modern walk-up Birthday photo booth rental in North York and the famous mirror booth selfie photo booth in North York.

Both Affordable photo booth rental in North York and Mirror photo booth rental work from Wedding Rental North York perfectly for the event. The groom and the bride, along with additional friends and/or family members, can use the 360 camera booth rental in North York. Recommend using the 360 video booth rental at North York for the groom and the bride. The pictures will look great on a groom and a bride. It is also a treasure that you can keep for the rest of your life.


Having a wedding is special, but having it in a well-known museum like the Aga Khan Museum or the Ontario Science Centre will make the event even more special.

Food and Drinks in North York

At the Aga Khan Museum, having food and drinks that came from Islamic civilizations would make more sense. Boneless chicken biryani is a popular choice with people from the Indian subcontinent. There are also a variety of kebabs to choose from at the Aga Khan Museum.

Other foods include Ful Ful, a popular vegan dish eaten in Egypt, and Afghani mantu (beef dumplings). If you want a drink, mango lassi is a classical sweet drink that is popular in countries like Pakistan and India.

For the Ontario Science Centre, a well-cooked burger or hot dog, with fries and poutine would work well. Also, having a beverage like orange juice or Coke would go well with the food. Additionally, consider adding North York Marquee décor rental company and Wedding rental services from North York to provide guests with delightful treats and a beautifully decorated event space.