J-Town, an energetic ethnic neighborhood in the Greater Toronto Area, is also one of the few such communities located outside of Toronto’s borders. That’s why Markham, the proud home of J-Town and party rentals Markham is the ideal city to host the Japan Party Décor, delivering an unparalleled cultural experience.”

Located in Markham, one of the most diverse cities in the GTA, it is an excellent place to have the party décor in. Known for its European feel in parts of the city, Markham is definitely a much different city to visit compared to the other GTA cities. Having a Japan Markham Party Décor, anywhere in Markham is a great place to start off with. 

Additionally, for a party rentals in Markham, we recommend incorporating elements from Chinese culture. Japan’s obligation to open its borders in the mid-1800s led to the creation of ports, and as a consequence, numerous port cities have transformed into what we recognize today as Chinatowns. Japan boasts three prominent Chinatowns, highlighting their integral role in Japanese culture.

Balloon Décor – Markham

One of the best party rentals ideas in Markham is probably cherry blossoms. To match the colours of the cherry blossoms, balloon décor in Markham is the best one to use. There are three options for a balloon décor, which are a 12 foot balloon arch, eight foot balloon arch, and a candy cart rental. The best time to use cherry blossoms would be from late March to early May. The cherry blossoms in China also take place around the same time of year.


That does not mean other colours cannot be used. Silver can be a great addition, when adding to pink and white for example. Other flower wall colours that can be used in different times of the year for the occasion are the red or white balloon décor in Markham, as a way to represent the colours of the Japanese flag.      

Feel free to use any other types of colours for the party rentals in Markham. People might get bored with the pink or the red colours. Another option is to use green balloon décor, as green tea is the most popular beverage drink in all of Japan and Long Jing (Dragon Well) Green Tea is also popular in China.

Flower Walls – Party Rentals Markham

Flower walls have a very similar effect to balloon décor in Markham in terms of colours. A green grass flower wall in Markham can work really well when contrasting it with the red and white balloon décor or the pink and white balloon décor in Markham. Another idea is to have a pink roses flower wall from Markham with red and white balloon décor. This would match the cherry blossom colours with the colours of the official Japanese flag. 

Photo Booth – Party Rentals Markham

In general, for all events, the party décor you must have is photo booth rentals in Markham. Without photo booth rentals during Party in Markham, you will not get the quality of photos you want to enjoy and remember years from now. 


There are two types of photo booth in Markham, which are the open concept photo booth rental and the mirror me photo booth Markham. The mirror photo booth in Markham will probably target younger audiences, but having both really means that you want everyone to have a good time. You have unlimited four-six photographs, which you can share on social media. Also, you can email, share photos, and use the photo booth Markham backdrop of your choice. 

Additionally, you can dress up with your favourite anime costumes if you want. It is all about having fun, and if you do not have a background from Japan and/or China, that does not matter. Still come if you want and embrace each other’s cultures. If you want more info, for more details.

Food – Party Rentals Markham

The focus is on Japanese/Chinese food. So, a tasty Japanese curry or sushi is a must for a party like this. Also, green tea and green tea ice cream would also be a big draw as it is a big part of Japanese culture. 


And also, why not at Christmas time enjoy some KFC or Japanese fried chicken. KFC is a Christmas tradition in Japan and fried chicken became a popular food to eat during that time period.  

Similarly, with Chinese culture, dumplings can be made available by Marquee décor rental company in Markham. Chinese noodles is a staple in Chinese cuisine, along with huoshao, a baked roll with or without stuffing. 

China is similar to the Western World, as they generally have a feast during the Christmas period. For alcohol drinks, having baijiu from China or sake from Japan would fit with the Japanese/Chinese theme in Markham.