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Welcome to Marquee Lights Canada – the top Goderich marquee letters company. Vintage style marquee letters, numbers, and symbols are the hottest event rental decor item of the season. The warm glow cast by beautiful marquee lights create an inviting atmosphere – perfect for events of all types in Goderich. Shinning brightly with high quality LED light bulbs, marquee lights help parties shine both day and night. Our event decorators will create dazzling marquee letters, numbers, or symbols displays perfect for events big and small in Goderich. A top choice for classy affairs like wedding receptions and corporate galas, to cheery events like baby and bridal showers or birthday bashes in Goderich, ON. Standing an impressive 42″ tall, our marquee lights make a big statement! 

As the best Goderich marquee letters company, we have proudly served magnificent marquees to diverse events across Ontario. With our many years of experience, we know how to provide efficient rentals, professional delivery and pickup services and the most beautiful marquee displays to ensure your Goderich event runs smoothly. Our mission, at Marquee Lights Canada is to provide the highest quality marquee lights at the lowest available rates. We can enhance your stunning marquee lights display by adding flower walls or balloon decor to your display in Goderich. Our high-quality event decor plus friendly customer service has allowed us to become a trusted business figure in the communities we have served. This business thrives on positive word of mouth/online reviews, customer referrals and repeat clients – this is why we aim to provide top quality service to all clients we serve.

Finally, if you want to learn more you can check us out on TheKnot and Wedding Wire, where we have been rated a top trusted vendor.

Goderich marquee rentals cost $89 each + delivery.


Goderich marquee letter rentals

Goderich Marquee Letters Rentals 

Marquee letters are used to create personalized displays for many events in Goderich, ON. From romantic affairs to birthday bashes and corporate gatherings or baby showers – marquee letters help events shine. Standing nearly 4 feet tall, marquee lights create big displays. With the help of high-powered LED light bulbs, our marquee lights create perfect photo backdrops for events day or night.

Create a more impactful marquee letters display by adding a flower wall or balloon arch available in Goderich. A bigger display creates a more elaborate photo backdrop for your guest to capture pics of themselves enjoying your Goderich event. Please click here for more information on marquee letters rentals in Goderich, ON

Marquee letter rentals cost $89 each + delivery in Goderich.

Goderich Marquee Numbers and Symbols 

With the most diverse collection of marquees, Marquee Lights Canada also offers marquee numbers and symbols to personalize Goderich event displays. Our marquee numbers and symbols are a top choice at birthday parties, corporate galas, and romantic Goderich events. For example, the marquee ampersand sign is popular to connect the initials of the happy couple at a Goderich wedding. Additionally, marquee symbols are used to enhance the romance at many Goderich weddings by choosing the lovely 32″ marquee heart symbol. Our marquee numbers create a stunning age display on a milestone birthday. Finally, the hashtag marquee is great for promoting your business in Goderich.

If you are looking to create an even large impact with your marquee letters or symbols display, check out our  flower wall or balloon arch rentals. Please click here for more information on marquee lights numbers and symbols rentals in Goderich, ON.

Marquee number and symbol* rentals cost $89 each + delivery in Goderich.

*The Marquee heart symbol rentals cost $299 + delivery in Goderich.

Goderich marquee numbers company
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Goderich Marquee Block Tables

Our classy marquee block tables are a top choice rental for events in Goderich, ON. Used to create elegant table displays at romantic affairs, corporate functions, and birthday parties in Goderich. Our marquee block tables are the perfect place to display a cake, gifts, merchandise, or food and drinks at Goderich events. These bold marquee tables are created with sleek glass tabletops upon big 32″ block marquees for a refined look.

Choose from our most popular Goderich marquee block tables for rent like the BABY or ONE table. Alternately, you can create a custom marquee block table design selecting your own marquee letters, numbers, or symbols. Please click here for more information on marquee block tables for rent in Goderich.

Marquee Block Tables cost $89 per letter + delivery in Goderich.


    Marquee Letters for Romantic Events in Goderich

    As the #1 Goderich marquee letters company, Marquee Lights Canada is honoured to have been a part of thousands of romantic events across Ontario. Our marquee lights enhance the romance with loving messages sparking in the warm light of marquee letters, numbers or symbols. Marquee lights are a top choice at wedding receptions, vow renewal ceremonies, marriage proposals, extravagant Valentine’s dates and more in Goderich.

    Some of our top Goderich marquee rentals for romantic affairs include the lovely marquee heart, MARRY ME, MR & MRS (and all variations) and LOVE. Furthermore, consider adding a bright balloon arch or lush silk flower wall to create an even more beautiful display. Click here for more information on marquee lights rentals in Goderich.

    Goderich marquee letters company
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    Marquee Lights for Goderich Birthday Parties

    Marquee displays make birthday parties LIT in Goderich, ON. Elevate the ambiance of your next Goderich birthday party with massive 4ft marquees. Illuminating birthday parties with bright LED bulbs, marquee lights can help the party go from day to night in Goderich. Display the age, initials, or name of the guest of honour on their birthday. Stunning marquee displays create a fun party environment instantly and make a great photo backdrop!

    Our marquee lights for birthday parties pair well with a bright balloon arch or lush silk flower wall. Click here for more information on marquee lights rentals in Goderich.

    Marquee Letters for Corporate Events in Goderich

    Marquee letters, numbers, and symbols are frequently used as powerful promotional tools at Goderich corporate events. Making a big impact standing 42″ tall, marquee lights create eye-catching displays. Our marquee letters are often used to display the name of businesses at corporate parties in Goderich, ON. They create a warm branded atmosphere, that can be used as a photo backdrop to capture marketing photos. Additionally, marquee lights shine so bright, they are used to draw shoppers into Goderich stores during sales. Our marquee letters are extremely popular amongst our corporate clients as they are extremely cost effective yet impactful.

    Furthermore, you can coordinate the look of your marquee letters with a bright balloon arch or lush silk flower wall to increase the power of your marquee display. We cater to businesses both big and small in Goderich, ON. Click here for more information on marquee lights rentals in Goderich.

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    Other Event Rental Items in Goderich

    While Marquee Lights Canada is the top Goderich Marquee Letters Company we are proud to offer many different event rental items extending beyond our beautiful marquee lights. Our extensive collection of event rental items includes photo booths, balloon decor, flower walls, tent rentals all available in Goderich, ON. Furthermore, a create custom LED neon signs or print lettering for a more personalized look to your decorative display at your event or party in Goderich or the surrounding communities.



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