The Nowruz is a New Year Celebration that takes place in March. Iranians and Afghans are most known for the celebrations, but also other countries like Pakistan and India also celebrate it. It is a year to open presents and spend. It usually occurs on the 21 March to commemorate the Persian or Iranian New Year. To celebrate the event, we do the Nowruz party rental Richmond Hill for everyone to enjoy.

There is a large segment of the Richmond Hill population that are from Iran. Therefore, Richmond Hill is an excellent location to host a Nowruz party. Richmond Hill’s David Dunlap Observatory is famous for housing Canada’s largest telescope. There is also historic architecture there that dates back to the 1840s in Richmond Hill.

Flower Walls in Richmond Hill – Party Rental Richmond Hill

For Richmond Hill, since it is a party, it would not feel right not to have balloon décor everywhere. The Iranian flag has the colours green, white, and red. So having a balloon décor of any of these three colours would fit perfectly with the theme of the party. Afghanistan has some similar colour schemes to Iran but uses black instead of white for their flag colours. 

Any of these colours would work well for either a flower wall or a balloon décor. However, for Nowruz, green is the colour that should be most prevalent in the New Year celebrations. Also, both a flower wall and a balloon décor would work well together to show the theme of the party. 

Party Rental Richmond Hill

A few types of party rental Richmond Hill available are the 12-foot balloon arch, the eight-foot balloon arch, and the candy cart rental. Since this is the New Year, candy cart rentals with lots of sweets in them can be used to celebrate the occasion. In terms of flower walls, green boxwood or green high tea flower walls would probably be the best ones to use. There are others to choose from though like white roses and pink roses flower walls, paper flower walls, and mixed flower walls. 

Marquee Letters, Marquee Numbers with Lights – Richmond Hill

It would not be a New Year without marquee letters. It is a great way to remind everyone that you are celebrating the New Year. Using custom marquee letters, you can write “Nowruz” or “Iranian Happy New Year.” If you want to be more inclusive than “Iranian Happy New Year”, write “Persian Happy New Year,” which would probably be the best marquee letter to use. 

Party Rental Richmond Hill

Making everyone feel included in the party is important in Richmond Hill. Yes, this is a New Year only celebrated by certain parts of the world. However, we are also an inclusive and diverse community that is open to any nationality that comes to these party décor celebrations. There are a lot of marquee letters to use for party décor. This includes marquee numbers with lights and a baby marquee letters table

Food/Drinks – Party Rental Richmond Hill

To celebrate the occasion, Iranian and Afghani food will be the two cuisines highlighted in the celebrations. In the party décor event, we will serve food like Chelo Kabob and Ghormeh Sabzi from Iran, as well as food like Bolani and Mantu from Afghanistan.”

Party Rental Richmond Hill

For drinks, one can have dough, an Afghani yogurt drink, or Persian Herbal Tea, which is popular in Iran. Making sure the ambiance is there for the New Year is important. Have fun, celebrate, and have a good time! That is the main purpose of the “Nowruz Party Rental Richmond Hill”. 

The party décor can also bring out the best of everyone as we embrace all the cultures in Richmond Hill to come together to celebrate. If you want more information, please visit