Surprise birthday parties are a classic staple for birthdays and for good reason, everyone loves a good surprise. It shows that those around you are really thinking about and caring about you. Show how much you care about your friends and family when you throw them a surprise party with our Markham balloon décor service and arch garlands for rent in Markham.

These Markham balloon décor service is just the decoration you need to make your next surprise birthday party really pop. They are very versatile and work for all occasions, here are some ways to use our balloon décor service in Markham for your next surprise birthday party.

Location Matters For Balloon Arrangements in Markham

 Location is a very important factor to consider when using your Markham balloon arrangements. Normally balloon arches go near the entrance to your venue. Since this is a surprise party, we need to do something different. A great idea would be to place your Markham balloon arch near the entrance but not in view of the person you are surprising.

Balloons-Markham Balloon Décor Service

Place your Markham balloon arch garland décor rentals in the entrance of a room with the lights off, so they don’t see it. If you want to surprise them, then place the balloon arch near the front door of the house.

You can still surprise them right when they enter the house. You all can yell surprise and they will be greeted with your beautiful Markham balloon arch garland décor rentals. If you do not want to put it near the entrance, try using Markham balloon bouquets centrepieces. Creating a stunning display that is sure to be the topic of compliments and conversation. As an added bonus the person you are throwing the birthday for is sure to love it.

Markham Balloon Décor Service-Combined with Other Decorations

Balloons & Letter-Markham Balloon Décor Service

Let’s talk about how to use these stunning Markham balloon décor arch service in combination with other decorations. One previously mentioned way to do this is to combine it with your centrepiece. A table with cake and light refreshments is perfect for under your Markham balloon arch arrangements. This could be the place where you and all the guests put their gifts for the birthday person. If your party has a theme, then our Markham balloon décor service is perfect to highlight it.

Our Markham balloon bouquets arch acts as a beautiful frame that is sure to make the rest of your centrepiece look even better. You can customize our Markham balloon décor service to be made of four of our 21 colours. Use this customizability to your advantage, make the arch the birthday person’s favourite colours/colour palette that fits the theme.

One underrated thing you can do is add decorations to the Markham balloon arch itself. You could add flowers in between the balloons or theme-related décor. For example, if you are having a horror-themed party then you could add fake spiders and spider webs to your arch. Then, if you want, you can use the photo booth rental in Markham of everyone in a formal or an informal setting.

Candy Cart-Markham Balloon Décor Service

Additionally, the balloon arch looks really good with a Markham candy cart. With the Markham marquee letters on the candy cart rental, it shows that balloon bouquets in Markham are really flexible.

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Everyone likes surprises, so why not surprise your friends or family on their next birthday and throw them a surprise party? Show how much this person means to you by using our balloon arch garlands for rent in Markham. These balloon décor service in Markham are sure to be beloved by everyone.

They are a great way to send the message that it’s time to party and your friend or family member who you’re throwing this party for is sure to love it. For more information such as a full list of colour options, pricing information, and inspiration for other uses for this extremely versatile decoration, go to our website and start planning your next surprise party.