Family Day is coming up, as it is the first holiday in 2023 for some provinces including Ontario after Happy New Year on January 1. It is a day to celebrate Canada’s deep connections to history, architecture, and cultural heritage. It is also, by the name, to celebrate the importance of family with the family day party rental Windsor.

Windsor, Ontario is a perfect place to celebrate. Being in Ontario, Windsorites get to have the day off on February 20. A city formerly known as Sandwich, Windsor has a lot of history in Canada. It is also a city that borders Detroit, Michigan, making both cities intertwined even though they are from different countries. A city also has some things going on its own. There is a lot of activity in the city with many places to eat and spend money. 

The event can take place either inside or outside. It may be a bit cold in Windsor, but it is also one of the warmest cities in Canada. A family day party rental Windsor can be done in a community together. Windsor is a friendly city, so bringing them together for such a celebration will benefit everyone. 

Balloon Décor – Party Rental Windsor

Blue is the one colour that would stand out for balloon décor in Windsor. It is a colour that is seen the most with the city flag. Other colours used in the flag are red, white, and green. There are different types of balloon décor services for Windsor to consider, this includes a 12 foot balloon arch, a eight foot balloon pillar, and a candy cart rental. Additionally, there is the option of a full-arch balloon décor or a half-arch balloon décor in Windsor.  


Also, marquee letters add the factual element to the balloon décor for Windsor. It can state what we are celebrating with custom marquee letters. Choices of marquee letters include custom marquee letters and marquee numbers with lights. A heart marquee sign can also be used for the occasion to celebrate the love of family.

Family Day in Windsor

Since the balloon décor for Windsor is white, going with a red rose flower wall would work best. The colours of Windsor’s OHL team, the Windsor Spitfires, uses red, blue, and white. If we have a dark blue balloon decor in Windsor colour, it is best to go with white. However, if we have a light blue balloon décor colour, the flower wall should be red.


That means that the flower walls available are the red roses flower wall, a white champagne flower wall, and a white drape enchantment flower wall. Any of these flower walls would work to represent the colours used in either the Windsor flag or their OHL team.  

Windsor Party Food

Since it is Family Day, cooking a delicious hot dog and/or a burger outside is probably the best way to enjoy the holidays. Another option is to have Detroit-style pizza on the weekend. Windsor is right next to Detroit, so it would make sense to have that type of pizza available for Family Day. 


For Canadian classics like poutine and beaver tails, it adds a Canadian element to Family Day in Windsor. For drinks, Canadian alcohol like Molson and Labatt would be suitable for family day. Also, having a Diet Coke or a Diet Pepsi can work to make it a fantastic family day in Windsor.  For a healthier option, water or milk is also fine to bring to the party. 
It is a time to have fun, so any other food/drink that is available brings them over and we can enjoy the party rental Windsor together! For more information.