Easter is approaching in April, and a range of party décor options are available for this occasion. That’s why the party rental Whitby easter party décor idea has emerged. How would you like to celebrate the Whitby easter party décor festivities? There are numerous ways to do so, with a selection of party décor in Whitby.

Whitby, located conveniently between Ajax and Oshawa in the Durham region, is a delightful city to explore. It boasts notable landmarks like the Camp X monument, once a covert spy training facility, and the picturesque Waterfront. Additionally, party rental in Whitby is a great choice for Easter celebrations. Since March lacks holidays, Easter provides an excellent opportunity to relax and enjoy in Canada, and Whitby is no exception. Easter festivities in the area are characterized by vibrant purple, white, and gold colors. Here’s a glimpse of what’s available for your Easter celebration in Whitby.

Balloon Décor and Marquee Letters – Whitby

These decorations may need to take place inside because of the cold. However, if either you have a shade to put the Balloon décor service in Whitby and weather permitting you put the party décor outside, both the balloon décor and the marquee letters in Whitby do work. 

A heart marquee sign in Whitby could work also with marquee letters. Whatever works for you on Easter to make it the best party décor it could possibly be. It is a day to celebrate everything that is going on with your life and be thankful for.


Other marquee letters that can work are custom marquee letters, LOVE marquee letters, marquee numbers with lights, and MR & MRS Marquee Letters in Whitby. Marquee letters also work perfectly with balloon décor services from Whitby, and both can work together to create the best party décor experience. Balloon décor company has the visual element while marquee letters from Whitby provide valuable words and/or numbers on the meaning of Easter. 

Flower Walls – Party Rental Whitby

Since Easter uses white, white roses flower roses would work perfectly for the occasion. The biggest thing about a white rose flower wall is that it is perfect to go along with both marquee letters and the balloon arrangements in Whitby together. The same can be said of a purple lavender flower wall, which fits in perfectly with the mood of Easter. 

Other flower walls that can be used are the white Victorian arch, and the white drape enchantment flower wall. Either choice is good or would be great for party décor. 


Photo Booth-Party Rental Whitby

The photo booth rentals available in Whitby is something any person should consider. It is a way to remember the best times you had at Easter with a friend, family, or spouse for years to come. That excitement can be captured in pictures or photos. 

There are an unlimited four-six prints available during the event. There are digital copies of these photos available and email sharing is also available. Additionally, the photo booth backdrop is also available to use. 

You can dress how you want to. Whether you want to be more formal, or wear Easter bunny costumes, it is all up to you. Whatever dress code you decide to wear, there are two choices available in Whitby. That is the open concept modern walk-up photo booth rental or the mirror me photo booth. Whichever photo booth rental you choose, you will undoubtedly remember it for years to come.

Food/Drink on Easter – Party Rental Whitby

Look at Easter chocolates. That is why we have the candy cart rentals available to everyone. Eggs are also a popular food to eat on Easter. Many people around the world eat chocolate eggs, along with Easter bread, which is a popular choice.


Why not match the chocolate eggs with a nice hot chocolate and/or chocolate milk. That way, you will be able to capture the theme of Easter by party rental from Whitby. Lastly, if you want to do something local in Whitby that is savoury, there are many types of food like Moroccan and English food for example.

There are obviously many other ways to enjoy Easter. If you want to celebrate Easter with different food, that is also fine. Just try and have fun and have no regrets on Easter!