In the eastern part of Toronto lies Scarborough, a place with a fervent passion for basketball. With a sizable Filipino community and their very own professional basketball team, the Scarborough Shooting Stars, it’s only fitting to host a party rental Scarborough for a Scarborough basketball party décor. One of the things Scarborough is famous for is the Pan Am Centre on Morningside Avenue.

In 2015, it became the hub for sporting events like swimming and fencing during the Pan Am Games. It now hosts the Scarborough basketball team and also has an array of facilities and recreational sports for people to keep fit. It also hosts the Caribbean Parade once a year.

Scarborough is also famous for having a diverse population from different backgrounds. You can host this event indoors or outdoors.

Flower Walls – Party Rental Scarborough

Affordable flower walls Scarborough can be used as a decorative party décor to take photos with. At parties, you want to remember the event for years or even decades after the event happens. There are many Affordable flower wall rentals in Scarborough to choose from like the green boxwood flower wall and paper flower wall from Scarborough.

The green flower wall in Scarborough might be perfect to contrast with the colours of the Toronto Raptors or the Shooting Stars. However, if you want to have colours represent the Raptors, a flower wall that might work the most is the red roses flower wall in Scarborough. 

The Toronto Raptors use red as one of their primary colors, and Scarborough’s city flag used to feature a red maple leaf when it was an independent city. The white flower wall in Scarborough could also work as both the Shooting Stars and the Raptors have that as a primary colour. If necessary, some of these purple flower walls in Scarborough can have the name and birthday written on them for the basketball party rental Scarborough.


Also, we can use the Affordable flower wall rental Scarborough as a way to take photos with some great Toronto Raptors and Scarborough Shooting Stars players. This can in effect bring people together from people of all ages and make the party rental Scarborough more popular. 

Creative Marquee Letters Scarborough

Scarborough Marquee Letter rentals and Marquee Numbers are similar to Rent wedding flower wall, can be used to take photos with professional basketball players. The Marquee table block letters rental in Scarborough can be used in many different ways. Using the custom Rent marquee lights from Scarborough, for example, you can write something like “Go Raptors Go” and/or “Go Scarborough Go.”


It can also work nicely with Scarborough balloon décor or flower walls in Scarborough. It can also complement rent wedding flower wall from Scarborough. This addition enhances the visual appeal of marquee letters in Scarborough and elevates the quality of photos taken.

Rental Photo Booth – Scarborough

Now that you have all the party setup, there is just one thing missing. Photo booth rentals from Scarborough might be the most important party décor as it will be how you and others remember the event years down the line. 

There are two types of photo booth rentals in Scarborough to rent. One is the modern and more well-known 360 video booth rental in Scarborough. The other is the famous Mirror Me booth for selfie photos in Scarborough. With these features, one can have unlimited four-six prints, digital copies of photos, email sharing, and additionally a photo booth backdrop of your choice.


The selfie photo booth from Scarborough might be more expensive, but it is something the Millennials and the younger demographic might be more interested in. Having both options fulfills all the demographics for the Scarborough basketball party décor.

Food with Party Rental Scarborough

Lastly, food and drinks are needed in every party décor. Embrace the diversity of Scarborough, by bringing in foods from across the world! Hakka Food, a type of cuisine that mixes Chinese and Indian cuisines together, is very popular in Scarborough. Additionally, bringing in Filipino food is a must as basketball is the number one sport popularity-wise in the Philippines. 

For drinks, water should be the main form of beverage available. However, other drinks can be available like Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Vimto, and Mango Lassi, which is very popular in the Indian subcontinent.  

Enjoy a Basketball Party with Party Rental Scarborough

Yes, this is a sports party décor in Scarborough. However, it is important to remember that this Scarborough party décor is open to anyone, and everyone interested. It is not so much about sport, but more about entertainment. This is something that is true for anyone who has attended at least one sports game in their lives.