“Thanksgiving is a special day of the year that comes once every year, and the Thanksgiving party rental Oshawa Celebrations should be fun for all parties. In Canada, it takes place every October, with the celebrations happening this year on October 9, 2023. Party rental from Oshawa can help you make this Thanksgiving memorable, as it’s only two months away from Christmas and is all about being grateful for what you have in life.”

Oshawa is part of the Durham region and is known for the Oshawa Town Centre, one of only the two big malls in the Durham region. It is also known as “Canada’s Motor City” as General Motors’ headquarters in Canada are in Oshawa. It is also the largest city in the Durham region and has a lot to offer in the GTA. 

Flower Walls – Party Rental Oshawa

There are many balloons décor and Rent flower wall in Oshawa to take notice of. For balloon décor in Oshawa, there is half-arch and full-arch and eight-foot and 12-foot inches balloon décor. The colours are red, yellow, orange, and brown. For rent flower walls from Oshawa, using the red roses flower wall will be the flower wall to add a Thanksgiving vibe to the party rental Oshawa. 


With balloon décor in Oshawa, there are many colours to choose from. All four colours that work are brown, yellow, orange, and red.  Along with the balloon décor from Oshawa, it is important to have a red rose flower wall in Oshawa to match the Thanksgiving colours. The balloon décor in Oshawa available are the 12-foot balloon arch, the eight-foot balloon pillar, and the candy cart rental. 

Fun Marquee Letters -Party Rental Oshawa

For Thanksgiving, having custom marquee letters from Affordable flower wall rental in Oshawa will bring a huge spotlight to the event. Saying letters like: “Happy Thanksgiving” or anything related to the holiday would add a vital party décor on the purpose of the event. It only happens once a year so enjoy it while it lasts. Other Bold marquee letters from Oshawa that work includes marquee numbers with lights, LOVE Marquee Letters, and the Heart Marquee Sign in Oshawa. 


Photo Booth Company – Party Rental Oshawa

Want to celebrate your Thanksgiving and remember it for years to come? Well, we have you covered with the photo booth rentals in Oshawa. Keep in mind two types of photo booth rentals: the modern open-concept photo booth and the mirror me photo booth from Oshawa.

There is an unlimited number of four-six prints available in Oshawa during the event that can be shared on social media. You can also have digital copies of these photos, and email, share them to other people. Also, using the photo booth backdrop of your choice is also available in Oshawa.

Families will more likely go for the open concept modern photo booth rental that is available. However, the other photo booth rental available in Oshawa is the famous mirror me booth selfie photo booth. The mirror me booth selfie photo booth in Oshawa is more expensive, but it is another option for the younger demographic to perhaps get involved with. 

Food – Oshawa

For Thanksgiving in Oshawa, a well-cooked Turkey with stuffing, represents the colour brown in Thanksgiving. The colour of red represents cranberry sauce, and yellow for corn. 


For drinks in Party Rental Oshawa, cranberry juice would work well with the rest of the Thanksgiving food. Also, as winter is coming, why not have a nice hot chocolate, tea, or coffee to go with your meal. Another option is to have a cold drink like chocolate milk or orange juice. The weather is not too hot nor too cold, so both kinds of drinks are perfect in the autumn. 

Most importantly, enjoy this time with your family! Thanksgiving is a day to relax and eat. It can also be a time to recuperate from the stresses of work and build yourself back up for the rest of the year. Also, this is a chance to thank your parents and/or your guardians for all the support and the guidance they have given you in the party rental Oshawa celebrations.