Our Newmarket marquee letter rentals, featuring the stunning Newmarket Marquee Lights, offer flexibility for your decoration needs. Whether you’re searching for local, high-quality marquee letters for rent in Newmarket or planning baby-related parties, our hand-crafted Canadian letters are the perfect choice. With pre-set bundles available, these versatile marquee letters will add a touch of elegance to any event.

Baby’s Birthday in Newmarket

Marquee Letters with Lights Newmarket

A baby’s birthday is one of the most special times for both them and their parents. For that special first birthday, we have our Newmarket marquee letter “One” set for rent. This set comes with the marquee letters you need to spell the word “one” and it comes with a clear tabletop that you could use to display anything.

Use this space to display things like pictures of your child that you took to commemorate their first year of life. Or you could display trinkets, their favourite toy or pacifier would be a great choice to show off on this clear tabletop. You could also combine our “Baby” set with our custom number set to show off their age.

These decorations work well on their own, but they also work well with any decorations you might’ve already planned for this event.

Baby Shower with Newmarket Marquee Lights

Marquee Table Letter Rentals in Newmarket - Marquee Lights in Newmarket

Baby showers are a fantastic way to celebrate that you’re expecting a child. The “Baby” marquee letters table set is just the thing you need. This also comes with a clear tabletop that you could use to present all sorts of things.

The table could be used by guests to place their gifts. These Newmarket marquee letter rentals could be used as a part of your decoration centrepiece.

One idea for this is to display photos of you with your spouse at your wedding and other similar important events on the Newmarket marquee letter table. Combine this with other decorations like a nice big balloon arch and Newmarket flower wall to boot. To create a captivating centrepiece nobody can look away from.

Add a personal touch with our custom set to display your baby’s chosen name. This can be a part of your stunning centrepiece.

Gender Reveal in Newmarket

Marquee Letters with Balloon Decor

You’re having a gender reveal party. The best choice would be to use custom Newmarket marquee letters, which also include light rentals. Use these marquee letters to spell out their gender, this leads to a big effect when you reveal it, and for an even bigger effect, use a balloon arch decor, coloured smoke, and flower walls in Newmarket based on their gender.

This will lead to a spectacular sight and really leave an impression on your guests. Not only will they be blown away by this spectacle, but this will also inspire conversation among them. This setup is sure to draw a crowd and all the compliments from your guests.

Marquee Table Letter with Colourful Balloon Decor Newmarket

Now What?

Our Newmarket marquee letter rentals are some of the most versatile decorations you could use, and they are perfect for your baby parties. If you’re in the market for high-quality and local marquee letters for rent in Newmarket, then let us help you. Use our marquee letters and numbers with light rentals and celebrate your baby.

Visit our website for ordering details and inspiration on Newmarket marquee letters with light rentals. Get all the information you need and find inspiration today! At our marquee letter rental service in Newmarket, we offer a wide selection of high-quality and locally sourced marquee letters for rent.

Our Newmarket marquee letters are available in various sizes, styles, and colours to suit your specific theme and preferences. We provide a range of letter styles, from simple to fancy, for our marquee letters in Newmarket. These letters will help to improve the atmosphere at your event.”