Holidays are the prime time to enjoy with loved ones.  Make your next holiday party memorable with our marquee letters with lights rentals in Mississauga. These marquee letters with lights are gorgeous and work for any atmosphere you might’ve planned for them. They’re flexible enough to use in any event you may have, but here are the top four holidays that need our Mississauga marquee letters with lights to truly shine in the holiday party décor in Mississauga.

New Year’s Décor in Mississauga

New Year's Décor in Mississauga

            New Year is the perfect time to get together with friends, reflect on the previous year, and look forward to the next, and what better way to celebrate the new year than with an extra special party featuring our Mississauga marquee letters with lights rentals? Get in the mood with a big sign showing the new year using our custom marquee numbers with light rentals in Mississauga. Amidst your guests popping champagne bottles and having the time of their lives, this sign shows what we’re all celebrating. Ending the old year off in style and starting the new year off with a bang.

Halloween Décor in Mississauga

Halloween Décor in Mississauga

Having a costume party on Halloween is a great way to get everyone in the mood for the scary season. Our Mississauga marquee letters with lights rentals look great in dimly lit rooms, perfect for a Halloween party. While your guests are partying hard, our Mississauga marquee letters with lights set up the perfect atmosphere.

They produce just enough light to glow in the dark without being too bright and when combined with other decorations, can look especially spooky. This will be sure to get your guests in the mood right when they enter the door and ensures your party will be a great success.

Christmas Décor in Mississauga

Christmas Décor in Mississauga

The Christmas season is a time of festive cheer, even if you aren’t religious everyone loves the atmosphere that surrounds the Christmas season. When throwing your Christmas party, make sure to use our Mississauga marquee letters with light rentals to ensure everyone has a great time.

The perfect place for these beautiful marquee letters with lights would be next to your entrance or even right by the Christmas tree. Get everyone into the festive mood with our Mississauga marquee letters with lights rentals and show off your festive spirit. Combining these with other festive decorations, like ornaments or wreaths, is guaranteed to draw in everyone’s attention and compliments.

Canada Day – Mississauga Marquee Letters with Lights

Canada Day - Mississauga Marquee Letters with Lights

Canada Day is a very important and special day for us Canadians, after all, it’s the day we gained our independence from Britain and became our own country. Show your patriotism to our country at your next Canada Day celebration in shining letters using our marquee letters with lights.

Use our custom Mississauga marquee letters to spell out Canada and show all your guests how important this day is, combine this with a red and white balloon arch décor and truly show off your Canadian pride. This decoration setup works for Canada Day parties or fun outdoor BBQs, either way, your guests are going to love it. This is sure to draw compliments from everyone at your events and get everyone into that patriotic mood. Also, why not take pictures with the photo booth rental to remember the day? Flower walls with marquee letters can also look very good with the camera.

Check Out More – Mississauga Marquee Numbers with Lights

Marquee Numbers in Mississauga

These marquee number rentals in Mississauga are perfect for any holiday parties you may have. Now that you have some ideas about some of the ways you can use these lights, start planning your next holiday celebration. Use our marquee number with light rentals to create a fun atmosphere at your next holiday event. For ordering information and more ideas, head on over to our website,, and check out our Mississauga marquee letters with lights for rent.