Koreans and Chinese people living in Mississauga in Canada celebrate New Year’s twice, once during the Western time and the other during Seollal and Chinese New Year in their home countries. Learn about anything and everything to enjoy the New Year with the Mississauga event rental.

Each celebration is big and significant as everyone in the family comes together to celebrate and wish a Happy New Year. It is also the time when everyone can make food together and spend a long time together before being busy again. People wear traditional clothing while also making traditional food. Everyone gets ready to greet the elders and each parent that has come.

Before eating everyone bows and gets money from each elder and adult. The amount varies by age. Right in Mississauga, it can be celebrated the same way, but if the elderly cannot make it, then it can be done by video. Every family goes to celebrate unless they are living abroad, and it is hard to make it. If they can still make it then that is awesome. This year is known as the year of the rabbit for Seollal and Chinese New Year. 

In Mississauga, when preparing to celebrate Seollal or Chinese New Year, you can handpick balloons online in your preferred colors for decoration. You can choose Yellow, Peach, Chrome Gold, and Red for decorating as it marks a full family celebration of Seollal and Chinese New Year in Mississauga. It combines traditional with new modern colours of choice. Other decorations you can choose as well that go well and are what you would like for the big family celebration of Seollal and Chinese New Year in Mississauga. 

Balloons Decor in Mississauga – Mississauga Event Rental

Seollal and Chinese New Year are big family celebrations in Korea and China. With Koreans and Chinese people living in Mississauga, Canada, they can get ready for the celebration by picking out the balloon’s colours in Mississauga with partydecor.ca. The Colours of Yellow, Peach Chrome Gold, and Red will mix traditional with modern. The Mississauga balloons decor service can help with setting up quickly around your home in Mississauga wherever you wish. When the guests come, they will take many photos after welcome greetings. Mississauga Marquee letters also play a good compliment to balloon decor as the letters add a statement with words that balloon decor cannot do.

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Flower Wall Rentals in Mississauga 

The perfect background that goes well with hanbok, the traditional Korean clothing during Seollal and traditional clothing worn during Chinese New Year and or any modern clothing are the Mississauga flower wall rental. For the flower wall rental in Mississauga you can choose the mixed flower wall and the red rose one to give off beautiful bright vibes in the photos being taken. It also brings something new to your home in Mississauga. It will bring happiness to Seollal and Chinese New Year even if celebrated far away in Mississauga, Canada. 

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Food / Traditions – Mississauga Event Rental

They prepare and present numerous Korean foods, including tongue, Jeon, stir-fried Korean glass noodles, and an array of other dishes and snacks, for your dining pleasure. The food looks very pretty displayed so photos by using the photo booth rental Mississauga are a must.

Korean sweet rice drink, known as Korean cinnamon punch, offers a choice of drinks, or you can have whatever you like. There are traditions in Seollal as well which include bowing to elders and adults, paying respects to elders, etc. It shows respect and thanks. Same for Chinese New Year but with traditional Chinese food, drinks, and traditions in home countries and in Mississauga for Koreans and Chinese people. 

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Festivals and Games in Mississauga

With more people knowing about Seollal and Chinese New Year, many areas in Mississauga have different festivals and events that everyone can go to enjoy outdoors. People in Mississauga can play traditional games for hours in their private homes with Mississauga event rentals.

This year’s Seollal and Chinese New Year 2023 year of the rabbit will be a great celebration for Koreans and Chinese people all around Mississauga and other regions of Canada. Others can join in on the fun and enjoy.