If you’re interested in renting beautiful marquee letters with lights for your next big Markham event, look no further! Our fantastic marquee letters with lights in Markham are perfect for your occasion. Don’t miss the opportunity to throw an unforgettable event that everyone will love. What better way to do that than by renting marquee letters?

What Are Markham Marquee Letters With Lights?

Bright Marquee Letters with White and Gold Balloon Decor

These stunning four feet tall letters come in a variety of forms. From our pre-established Markham rentals like the ‘Love’ and our popular ‘Marry Me’ sets to our custom letter and number rentals. These Markham marquee letters with lights make the perfect addition to any event.

They also never feel out of place with your other decorations. Combine them with a balloon arch for an eye-catching centerpiece or use them as the base of a table. You could also use them near the entrance to your venue to let everyone know where the party décor in Markham is. 

Why Use Them?

Bright Marquee Letters Markham

These Markham marquee lights for rent are the perfect piece to put in the common area for your guests. They’re bold and attract people’s attention to what you want to display. These letters illuminate beautifully in a dimly lit room. Perfect for drawing everyone’s gaze.

This also allows for creative lighting options, such as using them to get everyone’s attention when you want to make a speech. These lights will not only grab the compliments of your guests but also inspire conversation among them.

Markham Marquee Letters with Lights Application

Marquee Numbers with Multi-Coloured Balloon Decor Markham

The letters with lights are extremely versatile and can be used in any event imaginable. These custom letters with lights have infinite possibilities. From weddings to birthday parties to corporate events, the uses for these marquee lights are only limited by your imagination. They suit any atmosphere from fun to romantic and anything you can think of. Throwing an engagement or proposal party?

Our marquee letters with lights rentals in Markham have got you covered. The ‘Marry me’ and ‘Love’ marquee light sets are the perfect decorations for this kind of event. Use these letters to add that extra oomph for that special someone. Show your care with an alluring display of love using these lights that are fit for your proposal.

These lights are the best addition to your decor for your wedding on your big day. Personalize your wedding venue by adding your spouse’s initials and state your love loud and proud with the glow of these lights.

Have a birthday or a graduation party to celebrate soon? Use these custom letters to write their name in big bold letters so everyone knows who the star of the show is.

These marquee light rentals in Markham are the perfect addition to liven up events like these where people can gather around and have a great time. Need to commemorate an important day like an anniversary? Rent out our custom marquee numbers with lights in Markham to make the date feel even more special.

These numbers are the perfect thing to coordinate with our letters to make sure that people not only remember your name but the day too. Also, a balloon décor in Markham adds an additional party décor and a visual element to the marquee numbers. Additionally, to remember this event, use the photo booth rentals to take the picture or photo that you want.

What Are You Waiting For?


Marquee lights are one of the most versatile decorations you could use in your events, they’re eye-catching pieces of décor that beautifully light up in dim rooms. Now that you know how perfect these letters with lights are for your weddings, birthdays, or any event at all, go on our website, https://marqueelights.ca/, and use our custom marquee letters and numbers with lights rentals in Markham to make your next party one that nobody will forget.