The holiday season is a time for festive spirit and cheer, and even if you aren’t religious, everyone can love and appreciate the atmosphere that surrounds and envelops the Christmas season. To make sure all your guests have a fantastic time at your next Christmas party, make sure to use our Whitby marquee letters with light rentals.

These top-quality, Canadian handcrafted Whitby marquee number rentals with lights in Whitby are the best decoration to use to make your next Christmas or holiday party unforgettable.

Create a Fun Atmosphere – Whitby Marquee Number

Whitby Marquee Numbers with Balloon Decor

Get everyone into the festive mood with our Whitby marquee letters with lights rentals and show off your holiday spirit. The perfect place for these beautiful marquee letter rentals with lights would be next to your entrance. Get everyone in the mood right from the get-go by showing off your beautiful marquee letters to your guests right when they arrive. Use our custom marquee letters with lights rentals in Whitby set to spell out “Christmas” and decorate it with tinsel and other Christmas ornaments to get all your beloved guests in that festive mood.

The lights they come with are perfect for your celebration and are sure to grab your guest’s attention. If you have your own string lights you want to use, we have plain Whitby marquee letters for rent. This light is perfect if you want to dim the lights of your venue. They illuminate beautifully in dimly lit rooms and are the perfect thing to set the mood for your party. Our marquee letters are sure to draw in everyone’s attention and compliments and since this is Christmas decorated, your guests are sure to get in that festive spirit.

Balloon Décor Service in Whitby

Bright Yellow Marquee Letters Whitby

Combine our Whitby marquee letters with light rentals with a Whitby balloon arch for a beautiful duo of decorations. Make your balloon arch the classic festive colors of red, white, and green for a nice festive atmosphere. Put this as framing for your arch for a beautiful sign that will make everyone jealous.

This balloon arch compliments our marquee letters with lights Whitby rentals beautifully and will really add to your party. You could also put this balloon arch near your Christmas tree for an extra boost to your tree. This will make it look even more elegant and beautiful, and it is sure to make all your guests stunned and inspire conversation among them.

Combine with Other Decorations

Bright Marquee Numbers with Balloon Decor

To make your marquee letters with lights rentals in Whitby even more festive, combine them with other decorations like balloon décor and Whitby flower walls. Use them as a part of your Christmas centerpiece next to your tree for a breathtaking display that’s sure to be the topic of conversation.

If you add a clear tabletop to these marquee letters with lights, you can use it to display all sorts of things. You could use it to display a nativity scene, nutcrackers, plush snowmen, or any other Christmas decoration you may already have. Another option would be to use this area to display any food you might have for your guests. You can include a Christmas feast or treats like Christmas-themed cookies.

Photo Booth Rentals Whitby

The festive season is a time to celebrate, have fun, and party. Ensure your guests have a fantastic time at your Christmas party. Use our marquee numbers with light rentals in Whitby. These award-winning marquee letters with lights in Whitby are the best decoration to use. They make sure everyone has a fantastic time.

Go to our website to find a full list of sets and inspiration. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please let us know. We will gladly customize any order to ensure that you have a fantastic party. Also, do not forget about photo booth rentals. These rentals help you remember this party décor with photos for years to come.