“Many events nowadays follow a similar pattern of planning, often involving the purchase and inflation of one or two sets of balloons just in time before guests arrive. People also choose background decorations to create a relaxed ambiance for event photography. However, if you’re looking to elevate your event in Oakville and break away from the norm, consider the Balloon Decor Company Oakville. Our balloon decor and other products at partydecr.ca can provide creative solutions to make your event both more enjoyable and elegantly unique.

Balloon Decor Company Oakville For All Events 

If you are planning to host or help someone, come up with decor ideas, then using partydecor.ca is perfect since they offer a variety of balloon packages from half arch garland to full arches and balloon centerpieces. You can choose the colors online, but if you want personalized colors, a fee can be set just in time for your event in Oakville.


Some of the listed colors include Peach, Magenta, and Rose Gold, among many others. For the balloon garland setups, you can customize them with up to four color choices, making it perfect to fill an empty area, match the theme, and add a fun element.”

Rent a Candy Cart with Balloons 

An interesting way to bring decor to any event for the food especially if there is a dance floor and everyone is dancing and or just going from here to there a great addition is renting a candy cart in Oakville with the balloons is perfect. 

You can display the food in a more elegant way using trays, similar to those seen at a British High Tea or at a high-end dance venue. If a cake or a tart is to come, it is perfect to display on the Candy cart as well with flowers. To add, the balloons on the actual Candy cart is extra but depending on if you want to add more balloons or not it depends. 

Match Lettering with Balloon Decor Company Oakville

With the balloons comes marquee letters that will definitely stand out and get tons of compliments from the different guests. With the Custom Marquee Letters, it can say anything you would like to say about the event and the lights measure four feet tall or an option of no lights 32” tall in the colour white. 

Balloon Decor Company Oakville

Depending on your taste, whatever you choose will amaze your family and friends, and they will take lots of photos, matching the balloon decor you have selected right in Oakville.

Finally Add a Flower Wall for the Final Touch 

Instead of going the usual way of adding a photo booth for a more unique modern spin, why not add a flower wall that can be rented at partydecor.ca. There are both Silk and Paper flower walls to rent right in Oakville with many different styles. The flower wall is the perfect thing to add with the balloons as well as it shows other different colours and make the perfect background as well for pictures at the event right in Oakville.

Balloon Decor Company Oakville

For a more neutral colours for flowers with the balloons chosen there is the White Champagne Flower Wall which is everyone’s favorite and its light champagne with subtle yellow tones makes it able to not stand out too much from your Balloon Decor colours with the other decorations you have as well. 

For a more variety feel there is the Mixed Flower Wall that can also be the perfect flower wall rental right in Oakville and also match the balloon decor service as well. The highlight for the Mixed Flower Wall would be its blush and greenery mix of flower decor which makes it feel like you and the guests are in an actual garden outside taking pictures in front of flowers.    

Whichever event you are throwing with family and friends the Balloon Decor Balloon Decor Company Oakville and combination with other product rentals at partydecor.ca right in Oakville is perfect for your event.