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Welcome to Marquee Lights Canada – the top Walkerton marquee letters company. Our diverse collection of marquee letters, numbers, and symbols for rent cater to events of all types in Walkerton. A top choice at romantic affairs, cheerful celebrations and corporate gatherings, marquee lights create personalized decorative displays. Illuminating events both in the daylight and nighttime, our marquee lights create a big impact standing at 42″ tall. Make a bold statement with a custom marquee letters, numbers or symbols display at your next Walkerton party with Marquee Lights Canada. Beloved for their classic vintage appearance, our marquee lights are our hottest event decor rental item of the season in Walkerton and surrounding areas.

As the best Walkerton marquee letters company, we have proudly serviced many diverse events across Ontario. Our vast experience has allowed us to become experts in the event rental business and has afforded us the ability to become a trusted provider for event decor in Walkerton. At Marquee Lights Canada, we offer even more event decor to enhance your marquee display like flower walls or balloon decor. Our business thrives with the help of positive reviews, repeat customers and client referrals which is why we prioritize a smooth event rental service for all our clientele. We provide the highest quality marquee letters at the lowest available prices in Walkerton, ON. Our magnificent marquee lights are hand-crafted with Canadian materials – be proud to display our marquee letters at your next Walkerton event.

Finally, if you want to learn more you can check us out on TheKnot and Wedding Wire, where we have been rated a top trusted vendor.

Walkerton marquee rentals cost $89 each + delivery.


Walkerton marquee letters company

Walkerton Marquee Letters Rentals 

Our marquee letters rentals create dazzling displays at events of all kinds in Walkerton. An amazing addition to any event, marquee lights add a personalized flair to parties in Walkerton, ON. A top choice for romantic affairs, birthday celebration and corporate parties, marquee letters amp up the atmosphere. Standing an impressive 4 feet tall, marquee letters make a big impact without breaking the bank. 

Create a more impactful Walkerton marquee letters display by adding a flower wall or balloon arch. Perfect for creating a gorgeous photo backdrop! The party can last all night with our high powered LED marquee lights. Please click here for more information on marquee letters rentals in Walkerton, ON.

Marquee letter rentals cost $89 each + delivery in Walkerton.

Walkerton Marquee Numbers and Symbols 

Our selection of marquee numbers and symbols allows for you to create custom marquee designs to display at Walkerton events. Proudly offering a diverse collection of marquee symbols – the largest in the Walkerton area. With exclusive selections like the lovely 32″ marquee heart symbol, our marquee symbols are great for romantic Walkerton weddings. We also offer ampersand, hashtag symbols and more! In addition, our marquee numbers are a popular choice for birthday parties and corporate milestones in Walkerton!

If you are looking to create an even larger impact with your marquee letters or symbols display, check out our  flower wall or balloon arch rentals. Please click here for more information on marquee lights numbers and symbols rentals in Walkerton, ON.

Marquee numbers and symbols* rentals cost $89 each + delivery in Walkerton.

*The Marquee heart symbol rentals cost $299 + delivery in Walkerton.

Walkerton marquee number company
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Walkerton Marquee Block Tables

 Marquee block tables are a top rental for Walkerton events. Both classy and charming, marquee block tables are a functional decor item, perfect for many Walkerton events. Perfect for romantic affairs, birthday celebrations and corporate gatherings, our marquee tables make for beautiful tablescape settings. The marquee block table is great for displaying gifts, a cake, merchandise and more! 

You can create a custom design or choose from popular Walkerton marquee table selections like the BABY or ONE table. Please click here for more information on marquee block tables for rent in Walkerton.

Marquee Block Tables cost $89 per letter + delivery in Walkerton, ON.


    Marquee Letters for Romantic Events in Walkerton

    As the #1 rated Walkerton marquee letters company, we have proudly provided marquee letters for many romantic events. Marquees make great wedding decor – but are also popular at marriage proposals, extravagant date nights and more in Walkerton! Marquee lights enhance the romance with the warm light case from the high powered LED light bulbs.

    Some of our top marquee rentals for romantic Walkerton events are the lovely marquee heart, MARRY ME, MR & MRS (and all variations) and LOVE. Furthermore, consider adding a bright balloon arch or lush silk flower wall to create an even more beautiful display. Click here for more information on marquee lights rentals in Walkerton.

    Walkerton marquee letters company
    walkerton marquee numbers company

    Marquee Lights for Walkerton Birthday Parties

    Make your party LIT with Marquee Lights Canada. Our marquee lights help the party last all night long, shining bright with LED light bulbs. Marquees create a stunning photo backdrop where you can capture memorable snapshots of your special day! Standing at 42″ tall, our marquee letters, numbers, and symbols are perfect for birthday celebrants of all ages.

    Top choices for Walkerton birthday parties include age, name and initials marquee displays. Our marquee lights for birthday parties pair well with a bright balloon arch or lush silk flower wall. Click here for more information on marquee lights rentals in Walkerton, ON.

    Marquee Letters for Corporate Events in Walkerton

    Marquee letters, numbers, and symbols create show-stopping displays – popular at Walkerton corporate events. Create a branded atmosphere by displaying your companies’ name at an end-of-year party, milestone celebration, or awards gala. Alternatively, our marquee lights make eye-catching displays to help you attract customers into your Walkerton store during a sale. Our marquee lights are a powerful promotional tool that make a BIG impact standing 42″ tall.

    Furthermore, boost the impact of your marquee display with a bright balloon arch or lush silk flower wall. We cater to businesses both big and small as our marquees are very cost effective. Click here for more information on marquee lights rentals in Walkerton.

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    Other Event Rental Items in Walkerton

    While Marquee Lights Canada is the #1 Walkerton Marquee Letters Company we are proud to offer many different event rental items extending beyond our wonderful marquee lights. Our extensive collection of event rental items includes photo booths, balloon decor, flower walls, tent rentals, and more! Furthermore, a create custom LED neon signs or print lettering for a more personalized look to your decorative display at events in Walkerton or surrounding communities.



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