There are so many different Markham event rental that you can use to decorate your party with. It can be difficult to find the decorations that are perfect for your event. You may even find a decoration that is terrific but will not match with your theme or current decorations. Here at Marquee Lights, we have the perfect solution.

We have 2 event rental in Markham that are a terrific combination and will be stars at any event. That dynamic duo is the combination of Markham marquee lights and balloons. They will do everything you could ever ask of decorations. Here is everything you need to know about Markham marquee lights and balloons.

Marquee Letters in Markham

First, let’s start with the centerpiece of the duo, marquee lights. Our marquee lights for rent in Markham stand at 4 foot tall and come in a white casing. On the inside of the casing are lightbulbs that produce a soft white light. These lightnings provide wonderful ambient lighting and ensure the marquee will be seen from across the room. The marquee lights and letters rentals in Markham come as letters, numbers and even a variety of symbols.

This way you can build your own marquee that is just right for your event. All variants of our marquee lights come individually and are lightweight. Allowing you to place your marquee freely throughout your space. The ability to customize such a modern and fresh decoration is the starting point for this dynamic decoration duo.

Letters-Event Rentals in Markham

Balloon Decor Service in Markham-Markham Event Rental

The next part of this duo are the Markham balloons. However, these are not just balloons, they are the Markham balloon arrangements from Marquee lights in Markham. We use a variety of different methods to make our Markham balloon arrangements unique just for you. The first step is selecting the colors you want on display. With each rental, we allow you to select up to 4 colours from our pool of over 20 to build your balloon arrangement. You may add more colours as well for an additional cost.

With all of your colours selected, our team will craft the arrangement using balloons in various different sizes. This helps bring depth and personality to your balloon arrangement in Markham. The final step is displaying the arrangement. Each one of our Markham balloon arrangements can be freestanding or attached to any surface. These event rentals in Markham are the perfect pairing with so many other pieces of decor.

Balloons-Event Rentals in Markham

Party Rentals in Markham

The moment you have been waiting for, why do these decorations come together so well? First of all, both decorations allow for so much customization. You can easily craft a marquee and Markham balloon combination that is truly yours. No more settling or making compromises, build the decorations that are right for you. Next, these decorations each bring their own unique energy to your party space.

A&J-Event Rentals in Markham

The Markham affordable marquee letters rental will provide a classy and modern feel. Whereas the balloon arrangement will provide a fun and timeless feel. Making this decoration duo fit at everything from kids parties to corporate gatherings. Finally, these 2 decorations play off of each other very well.

Both are 3D, meaning you can display them anywhere in your space. Show them off in the middle or keep them along the wall, it doesn’t matter. The lights from the marquee bounce off the balloons and create a beautiful synergy. These are the reasons you need these event rentals in Markham at your next event.

Event Rental in Markham

If you are interested in adding these decorations to your next event in Markham or anywhere in the GTA, reach out to us at Marquee Lights. You can do so via (289) 797-1631 or Our team is helpful, experienced and willing to answer any questions you may have.

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