In Toronto, there are so many different décor options available for any occasion. As an experienced balloon decor service in Toronto, we believe that our Toronto balloon decor arrangements is the best option you can find. We have amazing products available with great pricing options. All our services can be provided in Toronto and the GTA. Let’s take a look at these amazing balloon decorations in Toronto.

Balloon Decor Service in Toronto

At Marquee Lights, our team prides itself on providing outstanding customer service with every order. If you need decor in a rush, you could easily contact us and book a reservation for that day. Our prices are ridiculously cheap compared to other places. Most Toronto balloon décor companies/ places charge $500-$2000 for just balloons. Our prices range from $300-$500 depending on what styles you want.

These balloon decorations in Toronto and GTA can be used indoors and outdoors. Any location, any place, any time, our team can be there. A lot of décor places only carry their product in certain places, making things more difficult. Toronto marquee lights rental will make your renting experience, a terrific one.

Mix Balloons-Toronto Balloon Decor Service

Balloon Decorations in Toronto

Variety and colors are so important when choosing decorations. Here at Marquee Lights, we took this into account when creating our product line. Our colors range from yellow, orange, blush, purple chrome, magenta, gold chrome, silvery chrome. We have over 20 colours available with a variety of different balloon textures.

We also provide two different styles, from Toronto balloon full arches to balloon half arches. Even if those aren’t the style, we can easily collaborate and create a Toronto balloon garland that is perfect for your event. Our balloons in Toronto can be freestanding or attached to any surface.

On my 16th birthday party, the theme was all black, and I got a pair of these Toronto balloons in black so the party was classy but at the same time a little bit decorative. Additionally, we can add Toronto flower walls for rent(example green grass flower wall) and marquee letters rental in Toronto the balloon decor bouquets. What this does is that you can add that it is your 16th birthday and it is something that you want everyone to remember.

Bright Gold Balloon Decor - Toronto Balloon Decor Service

Balloon Decor Service in Toronto

Why would I even need balloons rented? Good question! Balloon decorations in Toronto can be used for almost everything. Toronto balloon décor service can be used for birthday parties, small gatherings, weddings, graduation events, school parties, etc. Some people rent our balloons just to have it around the door or a table.  We also carry marquee letters in Toronto and people choose to rent balloons to display in a full arch above the table.

Half-Arch Balloons -Toronto Balloon Decor Service

At my mom’s wedding last December, we did not want the party to be too decorative, so we rented all white balloons and gold chrome balloons. On top of that we rented Toronto marquee letters for rent so we can put the two full arch balloons in Toronto over it. Balloon decorations in Toronto can go with a variety of different decorations.

Event Rental Company in Toronto

Overall, balloons make a great addition to any event big or small. Renting balloons is always a good idea, as people usually think about balloons when celebrations come to mind. However, no one wants to spend time preparing for the events by blowing up balloons, just to create an uninteresting display.

So, to save the hassle why not rent balloons to match your theme and save time? Our balloons can turn any event into a picture perfect one. So the next time you think about renting balloons from us for any occasion the answer is yes! Contact us at (289) 797-1631 or, we look forward to hearing from you.

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