Scarborough flower wall rental is a beautiful piece of modern decor that continues to grow in popularity. There are so many different takes on flower walls as they can be crafted in so many different ways. Here at Marquee Lights, we believe that we have some of the best flower wall for rent in Scarborough and the GTA.

Each one of our Scarborough flower walls for rent are carefully crafted and uses the highest quality silk flowers. Marquee Lights is more than just a flower wall provider too. We have many event rentals in Scarborough that are a great pairing with flower walls. Here is everything you need to know about our Scarborough flower walls and more.

Flower Wall Rental in Scarborough

Here at Marquee Lights, we have six different Scarborough flower walls for rent in Scarborough. Each Scarborough flower wall for rent provides its own unique colour and look. Allowing you to choose the best flower wall in Scarborough for your event. Our white champagne flower wall looks amazing at weddings! Each of our Scarborough flower walls stands 8 foot tall and are 8 foot wide.

White Scarborough Flower Wall Rental

Making it a great size to cover large areas but still remain mobile and fit into many spaces. Each Scarborough flower wall rental in Scarborough can be extended horizontally in segments of 8 feet to better fill your space if required. As mentioned earlier, each of our silk flowers is crafted with premium silk flowers. These silk flowers look so realistic that you will barely be able to tell the difference between real and fake.

Rent a Flower Wall in Scarborough

As Scarborough affordable flower wall rental are newer decorations, you may not have used them before. Here are some things you should know about using your birthday flower wall rental in Scarborough. Flower walls’ main purpose is to provide a beautiful backdrop for your event and photos. The first tip we suggest is displaying your Scarborough pink flower wall against a wall.

This will ensure that people at your event will only be able to see the beautiful flower side of this event rentals in Scarborough. This will help keep the wonderful fantasy of a wall of flowers. The next flower wall tip we have for you is leaving open space in front of your Scarborough flower wall. 

Red Flower wall-Scarborough Flower Wall Rental

As your Scarborough flower wall backdrop rental is going to encourage lots of people to take a picture with it, open space will be a key factor. This open space will allow people to easily filter in and out of the Scarborough corporate flower wall.

Event Rentals in Scarborough

The wonderful thing about flower walls for rent in Scarborough is they make for a beautiful pairing with so many different decorations. Event planners often use Scarborough flower wall for rent as backdrops to seamlessly blend 2 or 3 decorations into a stunning scene. Some great decorations to pair with flower wall rentals in Scarborough are balloons and marquee tables. Scarborough balloons arrangement are 3D decorations that pair perfectly with the 2D flower wall.

The Scarborough flower wall for rent brings a natural beauty while the balloons bring a fun and celebratory feeling. Next, marquee tables are great for displaying little decorations in front of a Scarborough flower wall rental. The Scarborough marquee letters table is a unique decoration and we highly recommend you check it out more on our website.

Green Scarborough Flower Wall Rental

Party Rentals in Scarborough

If adding flower wall rentals to your next event in Scarborough interests you, consider the assistance of Scarborough affordable marquee lights rentals. We have an experienced and friendly team that will be able to get you amazing decorations. You can contact us at (289) 797-1631 or We look forward to hearing from you!

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