Numbers play such a huge role in our lives. We use numbers to make purchases, tell time, distinguish age, remember anniversaries and so much more. Many of the big celebrations that we gather are because of a number. It could be a birthday, wedding anniversary, company anniversary or a graduation class. These numbers deserve some special attention and marquee numbers can do just that. Here at Marquee Lights, we can provide you with a rent marquee numbers in Burlington. Renting marquee numbers in Burlington are a terrific decoration at a variety of different events. Here is everything you need to know about marquee numbers in Burlington!

Marquee Lights Rental in Burlington

Each of our Burlington marquee number for rent comes in our marquee lights format. This format features marquee letters that have a white outer coating and stand at four foot tall. On the inside of the marquee are soft white lights that illuminate the inside. This makes the marquee rentals in Burlington look terrific in dimmer settings, as they can be seen from across the room.

STONG-Rent Marquee Numbers Burlington

All of the marquee numbers in Burlington will come individually and are lightweight. This allows you to place the marquee in a variety of different places in your space. The marquee lights design is a terrific format for these marquee numbers. Additionally, other party décor like Burlington flower walls for rent and balloon décor service in burlington adds a visual and colourful element to the marquee numbers.

Birthday Marquee Numbers in Burlington

We have every number, 0-9 available with marquee numbers rentals in Burlington and the GTA. These marquee numbers in Burlington are wonderful decorations to have on display at a birthday party. They do a great job of making every birthday, milestone or not, feel like they are a big deal. Who says 28 can’t have as much flare and fun as 21?

Celebrating a wedding anniversary? What better way to show you care (and remembered) than with a marquee number surprise. The Burlington marquee numbers will shine and be symbolic of your time spent together. Marquee numbers are also a terrific decoration to have at a company anniversary party. It can be as simple as one year or 25 years, both are huge achievements. A marquee number iin Burlington will help you celebrate to the max. 

Marquee Numbers-Rent Marquee Numbers Burlington

Affordable Marquee Numbers in Burlington

Get creative with marquee numbers. There are a number of places where one can do Burlington marquee numbers. This includes the outside area near the swimming pool. To remember this occasion as with most or all party décor, make sure to get a Burlington photo booth rental.

Taking photos will make you remember the event for years to come. There are unlimited four-six prints during the event, which can be shared on social media. Also, digital copies of photos and email sharing are also available. There are also two types of Burlington photo booth rentals you can choose from. These are the modern walk-up photo booth and the famous mirror me booth selfie photo booth for rent in Burlington.

Balloon Decor-Rent Marquee Numbers Burlington

One of the most important parts of any event rental is the company behind it. It doesn’t matter how great the rental is, if you hate the customer service you receive, you will hate the experience. Here at Marquee Lights, we are committed to giving everyone quality customer service. Our team is happy to answer questions you may have along the entire process.


We will deliver these marquee rentals in Burlington and the GTA to any space. Our team will ensure a quick and easy set up, so you can focus on your event. You can contact us at (289) 797-1631 or We look forward to hearing from you.

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