Photo booths have never gone out of style, the design is so simple and is so much fun. With a variety of photo booth rentals in Toronto, we are the best. Our services include from rent a photo booth in Toronto that carry 4×6 prints during events, digital copies of the photos, on site attendant, to email sharing and props. We also have two different rental options to fit your party and budget.

These options are the open concept modern walk-up photo booth and the famous mirror me booth selfie photo booth. Both are very amazing products, but I highly recommend our famous mirror one as it is our most rented/ used one. Let’s take a closer look at why you should rent one of these amazing photo booth rentals in Toronto.

Photo Booth Rentals in Toronto

As every phone now has a high quality camera built in, people now almost exclusively use their phones to take pictures. This made us forget how good it is to have physical version of our pictures. We’re so used to everything on our phones that’s making us forget about the bigger picture in life. With our Toronto photo booth for rent you can take a memorable picture with friends or family.

Friends-Rent a Photo Booth Toronto

Then you will have a digital and print picture forever. In my opinion because our generation is literally addicted to our phones, changing it up and adding a photo booth in Toronto to your event is fantastic. This will feel and be way better than just taking it off your phone. That’s why you should check out our photo booth for rent in Toronto, because we provide everything that will make you enjoy your time way more.

Also, adding other decor like Toronto flower walls for rent to the photo adds another dimension to your photos in Toronto. You can additionally have anything written on the flower wall in Toronto if needed. There are many different Toronto flower walls to add to your photos. These include the red rose flower wall, white champagne flower wall, and the heart marquee flower wall. Add this to your decor and your photo will look marvelous.

Rent a Photo Booth Toronto- White Flower Wall Toronto

Event Decorations in Toronto

Images are kept way more secure. Have you ever had a picture on your iPhone, or Android and it accidentally deleted? Or did it just disappear? Yeah, I have too. We all have! One time me and my girlfriend had a very nice picture of us that we took on Christmas day. It was deleted a few months later because I ran out of storage on my iPhone. I knew that if I had a digital and real-life version of the picture, this issue wouldn’t had happened.

I really do recommend this product because you can email the picture out to multiple friends, have multiple digital versions, and keep a physical version in your Toronto house. With all these features it will be impossible for you to even lose these pictures because of how many versions you will have. Additionally, you can also add Toronto marquee letters to the photos if it is seen as needed.

Friends-Rent a Photo Booth Toronto

Event Company in Toronto

Cherishing your memories. Parties, get togethers, weddings, can always use a photo booth. Toronto affordable Photo booth rental are a very easy way to bring friends, families, siblings and more, together. If you are interested in adding wedding photo booth rental in Toronto to your next event, Marquee Lights can help. You can contact us at (289) 797-1631 or and our team would be happy to help. So, if you want to enjoy life to the fullest, enjoy parties, cherish your quality times rent our photo booths you’ll love it.

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