Having a good wedding is very important, especially since *we hope* its a once in a lifetime event. There is so much that goes into the whole wedding process. Finding the right partner, setting a date, deciding on invitations, selecting party decorations, and more. Our team at Marquee Lights can certainly help get you some amazing wedding rentals in Mississauga. Here is everything you need to know about our services, so we can help make your wedding special.

Photo Booth Rentals in Mississauga

Having a Mississauga photo booth at a wedding is a great idea. Many weddings involve bringing in many members of your family and friends. Some of which you may not have seen in a long time. With such a unique opportunity, there are sure to be a lot of pictures taken. Having a Mississauga photo booth at your wedding will provide a wonderful space for these pictures to be taken.

Your guests will already be dressed up but we will also provide a variety of fun props. Perfect for snapping that family friendly pic and goofy fun pic. Both memories can be shared digitally or in unlimited 4 by 6 prints. We highly recommend you check out this wedding rentals in Mississauga.

Marquee Letters Rental in Mississauga

Mississauga marquee letters make for wonderful wedding rentals in Mississauga. When you first plan the wedding, everyone’s scared about how the decorations are going to look. Marquee letters in Mississauga are a perfect solution to this problem. Our Mississauga marquee letters have different types of styles to create a variety of sayings. You can choose to display your names or new titles in a unique way. Weddings are important and need to be decorated properly, Mississauga marquee lights are a great piece. 

Marquee Letters-Mississauga Wedding Rentals

One can use Mississauga marquee letters to either announce the marrying couple and/or spell out the words “Marry Me.” Both wedding decor ideas work in Mississauga, and the choice depends on what suits the wedding event. Mississauga Marquee letters work perfectly as wedding decor, whether placed indoors or just outside the wedding venue, offering a captivating sight for all attendees.

It adds an element in the background and a reminder of the reason why the wedding is taking place. Other ideas include having a heart marquee sign, love marquee letters, or custom marquee letters in Mississauga.

Wedding Flower Rentals in Mississauga

The final item we would like to mention in this articles is flower walls. Flower walls in Mississauga seem like purpose-built decorations for weddings. Our Mississauga flower walls, standing at 8 by 8 feet, feature premium silk flowers meticulously crafted for your special day. We do have a variety of colours available, including white.

Mississauga flower walls make for terrific backdrops. They are great for pictures or place them behind a gift or snack table to help it stand out. We can add custom gold lettering to any Mississauga flower wall. A great way to document your wedding in pictures.

Mississauga Wedding Rentals - White Flower Wall

There are many different types of flower walls that people can use. Examples include the Mississauga red rose flower wall, purple flower wall, pink/blush flower wall, and the white drape enchantment flower wall. All these types of flower walls would work well for a wedding.

It also adds something romantic to the wedding, especially the Mississauga flower walls with flowers on the flower wall itself. Additionally, if you wish to blend the two concepts, consider incorporating Mississauga marquee letters onto flower walls.. It can save time and money and to do both would be an excellent way to get straight to the point.

Red Rose Flower Wall- Mississauga Wedding Rentals

Some other ideas include having Mississauga balloon decor service on your flower wall and/or marquee letters. To some, it may seem childish, but it adds a fun theme to the wedding.

Wedding Rentals in Mississauga

If adding one or all of these weddings to your big day interests you, Marquee Lights can assist. We have an experienced team that can provide you with quality service. You can contact us at (289) 797-1631 or marqueelightscanada@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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