A sweet 16 is a very important event, so you want it to be perfect. Turning 16 is a very important thing in life, many consider it the starting point to becoming an adult. Marquee Lights has birthday marquee letters in Toronto that are a great fit for any party! 

Birthday Marquee Letters Rentals in Toronto

Sweet 16 Rentals in Toronto -Birthday Marquee Letters Toronto

These are one of our favorite ways to decorate a sweet 16 party. Toronto Marquee letters for rent aren’t something you can use or play with…. but it’ll light up your party, literally! With Marquee letters you could get a custom set to say anything specific like “Your name sweet 16th birthday”. You can also opt to get just the numbers. Our services will help you get these sweet 16 rentals in Toronto easily and at a great price. 

The Toronto marquee letters rental might best suit the 16th birthday party is the Toronto marquee letters and marquee numbers rental. This would allow you to show everyone that you are celebrating your 16th birthday. Others include the Toronto custom marquee letters rental, which allows you to customize what you want to say for your 16th birthday.

Photo Booth Rentals in Toronto

Rent photo booths in Toronto are an amazing item to rent for sweet 16 rentals in Toronto. They bring a genuine happiness out of many people. It’s a perfect combination of friends, family, props and memories. Each of our Toronto photo booth comes with a high-quality camera and printer to produce keepsakes that you can hold onto. Put these in your own photo album or create a unique sweet 16 party book.

BABY-Birthday Marquee Letters Toronto

These photos will be the most precious possessions of the day. For years and decades, you will be able to reflect and fondly remember your 16th birthday and what that feeling was like. It is also something that money cannot buy. These memorable photos can be digital, with a photo booth backdrop in Toronto of your choice.

There are two types of photos offered. One is the modern walk-up photo booth and the other one is the mirror me booth selfie photo booth. You can also email share your birthday photos to your other relatives and share your photos on social media.

Balloon Décor in Toronto

Lastly, balloon décor service in Toronto is an amazing addition to any celebration. Here at Marquee Lights, we have a wide variety of over 20 colours to choose from. We will create a beautiful and unique balloon arrangement for you using the colours of your choice. For example, having a pink themed sweet 16 event and renting pink balloons adds on to the theme.

Having Toronto balloon décor service can be helpful with all the pictures and celebratory feeling like Toronto flower walls for example. Types of flower walls to use include the purple lavender Toronto flower wall, the red rose flower wall, or the pink plush flower wall. All flower walls in Toronto have nice decoration and fit perfectly with a birthday party celebration.

Sweet 16 Rentals in Toronto -Birthday Marquee Letters Toronto

One can also mix up the balloon arrangements and marquee letters in Toronto. Toronto balloon decor service is a great way to celebrate your 16th birthday as it is a celebration of you approaching adulthood. The number 16 also can be creative with bright Toronto marquee letter colours shining through the party.

Also, for Toronto balloon arrangements, we offer balloon full arch and balloon half arch in Toronto. Both types of Toronto balloon bouquets works well with the birthday party theme. In general, Toronto balloon bouquets is a fun way to add colour to your birthday party, with there being many different colours of balloons to use.

Birthday Marquee Letters in Toronto

If you are interested in adding anyone of these party rentals in Toronto to your sweet 16, Marquee Lights can help. We have an experienced and friendly team that services the GTA with event rentals. You can contact us at (289) 797-1631 or marqueelightscanada@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in adding more rentals to your party in Toronto or the GTA, check out Events 365.